Gamma High Voltage Research


We offer a full re-calibration and repair service for our products. Our Service includes a full safety check, calibration check, and adjustment of calibration if required. If we find a fault during re-calibration, we will always contact you with a quote before carrying out any repairs. Our technicians use the most advanced test equipment calibrated to (NIST) National Institute of Standards and Technology to provide the highest in testing accuracy.


  • Solve your short term equipment needs.
    Think of Gamma High Voltage Research, Inc. as your off-site equipment pool. Please contact us to discuss your short term power supply or instrumentation requirements.
  • A Gamma High Voltage Research, Inc. engineer will assist you in selecting the best available power supply or instrument for your application.
  • Highest Quality:
    All rental high voltage power supplies or instruments are shipped with up to date calibration to meet specifications with NIST traceability.

For calibration or rentals please call 386.677.7070 or email us at:



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